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Athena VR Auto

When finishing my Bachelor Thesis︎, I was looking for an opportunity to test the concept on the market and to see how far you could take VR as a designing and prototyping medium. After weighing different options, I teamed up with Goodpatch Berlin︎ to incubate the idea under the name ‚Athena VR Auto‘ inside of their agency business. In October I joined the company as an Automotive UX Designer and assumed the lead position for the project. Shortly after, we started setting up a product strategy, raising funds and adding two VR developers to the team.

The goal was straight forward: To harvest the power of VR to disrupt the established automotive ideation and design process. As the most attractive innovation area we identified autonomous driving and user experience design. The following six months gave us the opportunity to scale the team to five people and allowed myself to learn a tremendous amount. Some of my responsibilities included:

  • structuring and scaling the product, prioritizing features, adapting the product strategy according to customer feedback
  • leading the project team, concretizing vision of where we want to head- coordinating development efforts, internally and with external parties
  • creative directing the design of the brand language, website and other marketing content
  • designing the user experience for the VR software itself, both 2D and 3D
  • drawing up a 3-year financial plan, taking ownership of financials
  • presenting the product on mobility and design conferences, in private client demos and workshops
  • product sales, communicating with clients and collecting feedback

Due to the sheer workload and some differences with management over product strategy, I decided to leave the company in April 2018. The time working on the project allowed me to learn an incredible amount about product strategy, business, leading, scaling and sales in a very condensed fashion. Goodpatch continues to develop the VR tool. More information about the product can be found on the official Athena website︎, have a look!