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Bachelor Thesis

For my bachelor degree, I set out to explore to possiblities of the human-machine-interaction with autonomous driving vehicles. The result was an interactive VR simulation, showcasing a vision of future urban shared mobility. 

How would you interact when hailing a Taxi or Uber, when instead of a driver the car is autonomously driving itself? While in the research and concepting phase of my Bachelor Thesis I tried to answer this and developed a HMI-system.  For it to be immediately understandable for somebody not familiar with the matter, I chose Virtual Reality as the target medium – not only visualize the concept – but to also make it experienceable.

With securing the support of Baongoc Vu︎ (Game Designer at Ninja Theory, Cambridge) and Hanna Prinz︎ (Masters student of Applied Informatics at HTW, Berlin), I managed to assemble a capable team to implement that idea in the three months available. My university HTW Berlin supported the project as well by funding a new PC and VR system.

My responsibilities included the UX concept and service design, team building, project management, creative direction of the car model (both interior and exterior) as well as defining all human-machine interfaces. In the end, the simulation featured:

  • a UX simulation of all touchpoints with the product, from user authentication to changing the route
  • a real car seat matching with the virtual seat to enhance immersion through physical contact
  • an interactive voice user interface employing Wizard-of-Oz prototyping principles
  • a simulated head-up display in the windscreen of the car

The results are showcased in the video below and accompanying pictures.