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Freelance Services

Working as a Product Designer and UX Consultant, I can help you improve the effectiveness of your digital product. No matter if it’s a web application, mobile app or even immersive experience – here’s an overview of the things I can sort out.

UX-Evaluation of your Product Want to find out how your product performs UX-wise or suspecting any weaknesses? This is a good place to start!

UX Research and Benchmarking
Understanding what the competition is doing right and wrong is key. Sometimes it’s not necessary to reinvent the wheel. 

Strategy and Concept
Find a way to integrate different aspects into one wholistic solution. I do speak business just as well as design. 

Clickflows & Interactive Prototypes
Quickly exploring different solutions as prototypes and being able to test them as early as possible saves a lot of time. 

User Testing and Validation
Validate your solutions in professional user tests and get valuable insights into what the user really thinks. Getting critique is not comfortable but crucial. 

After settling for the best solution, get all UX-assets needed for development. I will consult on UI Design and Copy as well, if necessary. 

If some of this sounds interesting to you, tell me about the challenges your product is facing. Let’s chat!