Critical Technology

New technologies advance faster than we can comprehend the first and second order effects of them. It has been years since we were introduced to mobile computing, social networks, big data gathering and more, yet we are still reeling from the profound impact on society. How will new technologies shape our lives, such as machine intelligence, distributed ledger systems and immersive media? Looking behind the hype with the critical eye of a technologist, I'm trying to provoke and demystify these for a more transparent understanding of tomorrow.

Dottod - Cybernetic Interpretations

An image generation network is journaling the Italian elections in September 2022 by visualizing politician's tweets.

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Deep Tarot Cards

Tarot is a game ripe with mystical symbolism and full of creative associations. How would an AI interpret this?

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Hybrid Ecosystems

Natural and synthetic ecosystems are closely related in the patterns that emerge. With this interactive audiovisual exhibtion, we aimed to find out.

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Plant B

Can plants make music? What happens if they do? Investigating the intimate relationship between us and plants through music was the goal here.

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