This is in equal parts a public and personal repository for useful links, literature and tools to enable an easy entry into topics and a deep dive into it. These bits and pieces were shared with me, made me understand aspects better, inspired my work or opened new ways of technological exploration. I hope it offers some for you as well.

Let me know if you think there is something missing.

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Critical Engineering
Ethical Design Manifesto
Principles of Technorealism


Web3 is going great
MIT Technology Review
Matthew Ball
Crypto Syllabus
The Outline
Zygote Quarterly: A digital biology magazine.
Right Click Save: A digital Magazin on blockchain and art.

Papers, articles and more

Papers, articles and more short-term content is excluded from this all list due to its low half life. Filter by quarter to explore this content.

Machine Intelligence

ML Tools

David Schultz - ML Art Colabs
Awesome Colab Notebooks
Runway ML
Teachable Machines by Google
Magenta on Tensorflow: A music note generation network with plugins for Ableton Live.
Replicate AI
Know your data
NVIDIA cuda developer resources
Papers with Code: A comprehensive collection of the latest in AI research.
OpenAI's Dalle-E
StyleGAN ADA Pytorch
Google Colab Notebooks
Jupyter Notebooks
Philosopher AI: An website using a fine-tuned version of GPT3 to output philosophically inclined conversations.
Weights & Biases: Developer tools for ML
Introduction to GAN models: An introduction to machine learning in general and GAN models in particular by Google.
Hugging Face: The Github of machine intelligence projects – allows for sharing, collaborating on and deploying ML models.

Text to Image (new)

DALL·E 2: A powerful closed-source image generation model by OpenAI.
Midjourney: A powerful closed-source image generation model by Midjourney.
Stable Diffusion – v0.2.3: A powerful open-source image generation model by Stability AI.
Disco Diffusion – v5.61: An open-source image generation model (now with portrait_generator_v001) in an interactive Google Colab.
stablediffusion-infinity: Outpainting with Stable Diffusion on an infinite canvas
Getting Started with Stable Diffusion

Text to Video / 3D (new)

DreamFusion: Text-to-3D using 2D Diffusion
Make-A-Video: Facebook's Text-to-Video model

Video to Text (new)

Whisper: OpenAI multi-language text transcription model

ML Datasets

globe adsbexchange
wordnet princeton
NVlabs ffhq-dataset
stylegan2-ada-pytorch pretrained: StyleGAN 2 Ada Pytorch
Image Module - Pillow documentation: Python package for image manipulation, useful for preparing image training data
Tutroial: Generate square or circular thumbnail images with Python, Pillow

Holly+ by Holly Herndon
Bloemenveiling by Anna Ridler
Stephen Ellcock
Dina Kelberman
Below the surface Amsterdam
Dear Data
Datos en los Bolsillos
TTP by Hayahisa Tomiyasu
Latent Histroy by Refik Anadol
The Zizi Show by Jake Elwes
Do Cyborgs dream of Balenciaga?
Taller Estampa
3D Printed Training Data by Adam R. Harvey
Forensic Architecture
AI Anatomy Map
Sherrif V2 - Detecting Price Discrimination
Apply Magic Souce by University of Cambridge
Amore Cringe: A book co-written by OpenAI's GPT-3, aiming to be as cringe as possible. Tired of books written by authors? Try books written by AI.
Infinite Images and the latent camera (by Herndon Dryhurst Studio)

ML Interactive Experiments

This cat does not exist
Google Quickdraw
ML Doodlemap
Deep Dream Generator
IDEA Fontmap
Google ML Drum Machine
Google ML Bird Sounds
Dada Bots
Same Energy: An image search engine focused around visual similarities
Text to Pokémon: Want to see yourself as a Pokemon? Look no further.

Fabrication & Open Source

PCB Design & Fabrication

JLC Production

3D Scanning & Photogrammetry

Autodesk Recap
Skanect (with Kinect)

Additive Manufacturing

Stoneflower Clay Printer
Thingiverse: A library for 3D models to print.
How to Build a 3D Printer (The Ultimate Guide): A DIY 3D printer build.
Jubilee: A tool-switching 3D manufacturing platform.
Creality 3D Printers
3D Printing Glossary by HP: A handy overview of terms related to 3D printing (Big thank you to Denise & the girls at Lyndhurst STEM Club!)

3D Modeling & Parametric Design

Rhino 3D
Grasshopper for Rhino (Tutorial)
Sverchok for Blender
Autodesk Fusion 360

Build and Repair

REFLOW: Co-creating circular and regenerative resource flows in cities

Microcontrollers & SOCs

Node Red (on Raspberry Pi)
Open Smart Watch
Rock Pi (Raspberry Pi 4 Alternative)
Beagleboard AI
Hackboard 2: Open Source Windows 10 SBC
Arduino to Touchdesigner: Reading sensor data on Arduino and sending it over USB serial to Touchdesigner.
Coral USB ML Hardware Accelerator
Coral Dev Board
UDOO BOLT: A very powerful linux SOC.


PyScript: Run Python in your HTML

Hardware Design

Crash Recovery Device by Evan Meaney
Off-Grid Cyberdeck! The Raspberry Pi Recovery Kit by Back7
The Open Frame Computer by Back7

Digital Art

Generative Art

Generative Art
Evolutionary Computation
Evolutionary Art
Digital Morphogenesis
Jason Webb's organic branching
Chaos Culture by Aluan Wang on fxhash
Herbert W. Franke: One of the grandfathers of generative art.
Woods Walk by Alex le Guillou
Simon Weckert
Refik Anadol marketplace
A Generative Landscape (via Reddit)
All about that grain (via fxhash)
Replit Ghostwriter Beta and AI Mode: ML-supported coding in the browser
The Fire Within – Generative ink patterns

Audiovisual Installations

vvvv - visual live-progamming for NET

Intersecting Tech & Nature

Biosemiotics is a field of semiotics and biology that studies the prelinguistic meaning-making, or production and interpretation of signs and codes and their communication in the biological realm.
Biomimicri & Biomimetics is the emulation of the models, systems, and elements of nature for the purpose of solving complex human problems.
Bionics or biologically inspired engineering is the application of biological methods and systems found in nature to the study and design of engineering systems and modern technology.
Interspecies Internet
Hybrid Ecosystems (by Entangled Others Studio)
An algorithmic digital painting series (via fxhash)

Places, Events, Artists & Collectives (new)

Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe
Domestic Data Streamers Barcelona
DALÍ:CYBERNETICS at Ideal Barcelona
MIRA Digital Arts Festival Barcelona
Cosmo Caixa Barcelona

Notable Projects (new)

The Follower (by Dries Depoorter)
GoogleMaps Hacks (by Simon Weckert)
Autonomous Trap 01 (by James Bridle)
Watching the Watchers (by James Bridle)


Basic Concepts

What Web3 is and what it is not
How the uptopian vision of Web3 clashes with reality
Web3 First Impressions
Dunbar Scale Social
Great Blockchain Explainer Video
Anatomy of a Smart Contract on Ethereum
What kind of layer 3s make sense? (by Vitalik Buterin)

Web3 Primers

A Blockchain GLossary for Beginners
The three blockchain generations
How do Ethereum Smart Contracts work?
Crypto and Web3 Primer
A beginner’s guide to DeFi
A beginner’s guide to DAOs
DAO & Creator Ressource
Layer 1 vs. Layer 2
The Hitchhiker's Guide to Ethereum by Delphi Digital

Building Blocks & Infrastructure Layers

Kleros: A decentralized dispute settlement platform.
Aztec Network: A Privacy Layer for Ethereum.
Status: A Privacy-First Messenger
Skynet: A decentralized app hosting and storage solution.
Moralis: Web3 Dev Tools.
Sign in with Ethereum A decentralized, censorship-resistant communication protocol and messenger
Urbit: A decentralized operating system
Gitcoin: Build and Fund the Open Web Together

DeFi & Trading

dYdX: Decentralized trading.
Balancer: AMM DeFi Protocol.
Aave: Open Source Liquidity Protocol.
Uniswap: Decentralized token exchange.
Curve: Decentralized liquidity pools.

ReFi, Regen & Solarpunk

Giveth: A regen Web3 ecosystem.
Toucan: Web3 Carbon Market Infrastructure.
Celo: Mobile-First Digital Payments.
DoinGud: NFT marketplace with a donation system at its heart.
SEEDS: A digital currency rethinking value and incentivizing regeneration.

Decentralized Society & Network States

Institute of Cryptoanarchy – Paralelní Polis
Network States Dashboard
Cul De Sac: A car-free neighborhood built from scratch.


ETH Barcelona
Ethereum Community Conference


Metamask: A widely used and integrated browser-based wallet.
Argent: Mobile wallet that support social recovery.
A Treatise on Bitcoin Seed Backup Device Design
Gnosis Chain & Safe: Popular multi-sig wallet

DAO Tools


Blockchain Analytics (new)

Otterscan: A blazingly fast, local, Ethereum block explorer built on top of Erigon
ETH-CLI: Minimalistic Ethereum wallet for command line, NodeJS and the browser
Dune Analytics


DYI Synths

Marcel License: A ton of mircocontroller-based snyths!

Retail Synths

Sequential: The makers of the legendary Prophet series.

Software & DAWs

Ableton Live
Harmonic Scales
VCV Rack
Let's build the Moog DFAM in VCV Rack (Video)
OSC Protocol: A protocol for sending messages over IP/Ethernet, connecting synthesizers, controllers and various softwares (such as Ableton & Touchdesigner).
Pure Data: A visual programming language for generative music production.
TouchOSC Mk1: iOS/Android interface that easily let's you send and receive OSC and MIDI messages.

Data Resilience & Analysis


DIY one-time pads
Flipper Zero: Portable Multi-tool Device for Geeks

Satellite Imagery

Overview Daily
SARfish: Ship detection in Sentinel 1 Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) imagery
Six Tools To Help With Geolocation
OSINT At Home #14 – How to find fires from space

Image & Video Verification (new)

To Uncover a Deepfake Video Call, Ask the Caller to Turn Sideways (by
Am I Real?: Spotting symmetry in ML-generated portraits

Social Networks & Protocols

Gemini Resources
Indie Web Social
Ethereum World


Maritime OSINT: In Detail - HACKTORIA
telepathy: An OSINT Telegram group chat scraping tool.
Airspy SDR: High Quality Software-Defined Radio
Crash Course on Handling Satellite Images: Or: “Why are my pictures so ugly?”
IntelTechniques OSINT Online Search Tool
CAT-UXO: Catalogue to identify UXO (unexploded ordonance)
Osint tool collection: A collection of several hundred online tools for OSINT
GNU Radio: Free & Open Source Radio Ecosystem · GNU Radio
Maigret: Collect a dossier on a person by username from thousands of sites


Plain text accounting
Rotki: A portfolio tracking, analytics, accounting and tax reporting application that works local-first.

Digital Design & Collaboration

Behavioral Psychology & UX Design

Personal Behavioral Psychology Collection
Addiction by Design: Machine Gambling in Las Vegas (Natasha Dow Schüll) [Book]
How Technology is Hijacking Your Mind (Tristan Harris)
Schedules of Reinforcement (B. F. Skinner)
Bottomless Bowls: Why Visual Cues of Portion Size May Influence Intake (Wansink, Painter, North 2005)

UI/UX Design

Design Notes
Figma: Collaborative, web-based UI/UX design.
Framer: This prototyping tool has matured into a fully-fledged no-code web frontend design tool.

Fonts & Typefoundries

Playfair Desplay
Typografische Typefoundry
F37 Bella
Hothouse by Supertype Typefoundry
Hannes ovn Döhren Typefoundry
Gemeine by Jakob Fangmeier
Apercu by Colophon Typefoundry
TT Travels Next by Typetype Typefoundry
Grillitype Typefoundry
Lineto Typefoundry
Ludwigtype Typefoundry
The Designers Foundry
FF Mark by FontFont Typefoundry
Optimo Typefoundry
Commercialtype Typefoundry
Poppins by Google Fonts
Process Typefoundry
Simplon – Swiss Typefaces

Documentation & Collaboration

Github Pages
Git Cheat Sheet
Dangit Git!
Linus Shell in iOS
Loom (Video Presentations)
Why Group Brainstorming Is a Waste of Time
BaseCamp: A project management tool aiming to unify communication, planning and file-sharing

CMS & Hosting (new)

Grav: Flat File CMS
Strapi: Flat File CMS
Flask: Easily deploy Python projects
Tailwind: CSS classes framework
Vercel: Popular hosting provider with free tier
Kirby: Powerful CMS solution

Visual References

Information Architects
Estudio Pum
Strelka Institute

Project Management Best Practices