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May 2023

👁 Dreaming With Eyes Open

A 5-day design sprint with students at HTW Berlin understanding and critically investigating AI tools in a today's designer's workflow.

March 2023


Developed in a two day design sprint, 'AI Headlines' is fully-automated web platform that generates news headlines with ChatGPT and illustrates them with a finetuned StableDiffusion version every seven hours.

March 2023

🚶🏻‍♂️ Latent Space Walks

An AI animation with a StableDiffusion version, interpolating from Cezanne to Monet. Part of a longer video; upscaled to 2K, running at 25fps.

January 2023

🚩 Woodstaco

Astra is al light installation designed and built for Woodstaco Festival 2023 in Chile. Standing more than two meters tall, the light installation takes the form of a flower, which sleeps during the day but wakes up with the nightfall.

January 2023

💁🏻‍♀️ StableDiffusion Portraits

A portrait series with different finetuned versions of StableDiffusion, from RealisticVision1.3 to EldenDiffusion.

December 2022

🤝 AUrA

How can we authentically match senior business owners with young entrepreneurs in one of Germany's most rural areas?

September 2022


An image generation network is journaling the Italian elections in September 2022 by visualizing politician's tweets. See also the video documentation.

July 2022

🌼 This Flower Does Not Exist

Training StyleGan2-ADA from the ground up on flower image data. Included dataset preparation, training and finetuning.

May 2021

🚚 Moodja

How can we make a vast amount of logistical information available to users, in a accessible and actionable way?

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2019 - 2023

🎓 Tutoring at CareerFoundry

Tutoring at CareerFoundry

Januar 2022

🔮 Deep Tarot Cards

Tarot is a game ripe with mystical symbolism and full of creative associations. How would an AI interpret this?

June 2021

🫧 Hybrid Ecosystems

Natural and synthetic ecosystems are closely related in the patterns that emerge. With this interactive audiovisual exhibtion, we aimed to find out.

December 2021

🪴 Plant B

Can plants make music? What happens if they do? Investigating the intimate relationship between us and plants through music was the goal here.

Coming Soon

May 2021

👨🏻‍💻 Web Design Doesn't Have To Be Scary


November 2020

🏡 Neulandia

How can we present this social entrepreneur startup in playful and approachable manner?

Coming Soon

Januar 2020

🎰 Manipulative Machines


2018 & 2019

✈️ Mapify

How can we reduce friction and increase retention for social network users across three platforms?

Coming Soon

May 2018

🔑 Future Human Machine Interfaces


Christian Ernst 2023

Made with ♥ in Barcelona and Berlin.